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The Family Gathering

The gravestones of Mann Marcus Reissner and Marianne Reissner are found In the old Jewish cemetery at Guben, Germany. They are the common ancestors of most of the Reissner family who gathered in Guben in June, 2004. Read more...

David Lewin has provided detailed information about the cemetery.

A Blessing for the Website!

Ruben Frankenstein celebrates the beginning of this web and provides a lesson for many of us who are eager students of religion, language, and culture.

The Reissner Family in Guben

Some three generations of the Reissner family lived in Guben after migrating from Neustadt bei Pinne (now Lwowek, Poland). Max Marcus Reissner, Mann Marcus's son, started the company Reissner, Wohl, & Co., GMBH, which produced textiles in a factory (tuchfabrik) that still stands disused in the town. The factory was lost upon the rise of the Nazis, and many of the family emigrated to other countries.

Guben, before WW II, from EU Border Identities

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