Ruben Frankenstein's contribution after Guben:
"I enclose another attempt to clarify the complicated relations between us, a
sort of Guide to the Perplexed, especially for Noam, who wished to see a tree.
Till our next (re)union-meeting a vivid genealogical tree will certainly
grow." View Ruben's Chart. (PDF file*)

Ruben also provides a genealogical chart for Marianne Burchardt (Reissner), wife of Mann Marcus Reissner. (PDF) Also, see the inscriptions on the cemetery tombstones.

Now also Ruben provides the descendants of Florentine Levy, neé Reissner. (family only)

Also consult "A Generations Spiral".

A more complete family tree in more standard format is high on our list of things to do.



* PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) or equivalent for reading.


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